A Logical Editor question

Hello logical editor gurus! Is there a way to set up the (midi) Logical Editor to select the first note of each measure? I can do this for every other note, but not the initial notes of a bar or beat. Thanks!


Yes, it is possible:

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Note | And
Position | Inside Bar Range | | ) // The Parameter 2 could be even finer, if you need to. If you want to select all, which are in the exactly (no deviation at all), use the Parameter 2:

Action Target
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Oh wow! I’ll give this a try. But let me just say this: Martin, you’re amazing!

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Yes, looks useful.! Nice one @Martin.Jirsak

So, could I now cheekily suggest you send this on to SB so it can be added to the built-in presets list please.? Then everyone can enjoy, moving forward… :wink: