A long read but a good one! Brotherhood opinions sought

Right on Jim, Best of luck to you!

and to her.

Seems like you guys DID have some good times that can never be taken away.

Damned smart phones…!!!

No, ‘stupid’ smartphones… :imp: !

I stand corrected.


have a seat.

This was given to me on another forum.

I don’t agree with all her views, and it’s no wonder she gets death threats as well as women wanting to scratch her eyes out, but I thought I’d share it.

I think it was written in the 70’s.

At the very least, it’s quite entertaining & she does make a lot of sense here & there.

[The are some typos like ‘he’ instead of ‘be’.]

Read this and learn bro.


Hi … this did not work because it is not the entire link - information needs to be put where those three consecutive dots are: c…s.

Meanwhile, I am glad you’ve been checking and confirming your perceptions and decisions. Your thoroughness now means that in the future, you will have far les ‘might haves’ or ‘could haves’, cos you’re giving it your best thoughtful shot.

Indeed, in my last post, I gave you ‘best wishes and respect’, the respect was partly because you are evidently dragging yourself out of a death trap and pushing forward, but also because, rather than just tearing away from the pain like duct tape ripped from a wound, you are checking and testing every step of the way. And it looks like you’ve continued this trend. In my experience that takes a kind of courage that’s not felt as such at the time so the honouring needs to come from the outside. I honour you.

Take care

Hi Jim,

It seems like you put a lot of effort and love in your relation, but you’re not getting it back.
I can’t help you making decisions, and I don’t know the whole story of course, but it doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship to me.

I wish you all the best.