A look in the crystal sphere ...

I am assuming Steinberg is divided into different departments: Cubase development, Mobile apps, instruments, Wavelab etc.

With Groove Agent 4 launched, Halion fairly new and the other products fairly up to date, what has Steinberg in the works for us?

I am guessing the following:

  • Cubasis for Android
  • Extra content for Groove Agent 4
  • Cubase development: workflow, new / updated plugins

What do you think?

I am thinking I’d like to know what a “bol” is… :confused:

I know it’s a city in Croatia, but something tells me that’s not what you meant.

maybe is a col?

thats reminded me ,my turn to make the Bolognese ,damn. :cry:

As in col legno? :laughing:

Maybe he meant crystal bowels … “the furure is long and deep” :mrgreen:

It’s funny how the most loyal Steinberg users are ready to spend the money burning a hole in their pockets on things that haven’t even been invented yet! :smiley:


‘Ye ole’ x-tal (sphere) radio’ feature in Cubase 8.0? :slight_smile:


What (one) radio station does it get?


So you lot caught me making a translation error, these things happen when you speak 6 languages, and got on a roll.

Fact of the matter is what are all those Steinberg programmers going to do? Not everything is outsourced I assume. Most of the Steinberg stuff is now fairly up to date, and I just want to get a discussion going what we might/want next.


I just took a look at my own crystal ball, and I predict they’ll be a Cubase 8, 9 and 10 in the future :smiley:

I also predict that Steinberg will come out with things that will be better for THEM than it’s users…chew on THAT :bulb:

google translate :laughing:

I was not referring to Google translate, using that would be totally unprofessional. Even professional translators won’t touch it (let’s translate our secret plans by google translate … for sure it won’t be stored in a mountain somewhere ¡)

The VST instrument programmers at Steinberg should be up to something … who knows.

Speculation from my side:

  • Good VST adaption of Vocaloid
  • Cubase Arpegiator update. More like Nora from Squaredheads
  • Inhouse vocoder
  • Improved Score functionallity

since having a dabble in the control room ,i think you can only have 4 different headphone mix`s, this is ok IF i was recording the fab four , but what happens if Lynyrd Skynyrd or Earth Wind and Fire happened to pop by and they all wanted different mixes.

You would use independent outputs added in vst connections and create sub groups and not use the control room me thinks. Last time I did that, the control room didn’t exist yet.

that counts me out ,i only have an e-mu 0404 pci card

i think they can not ignore the path the competition is going.

More integration between the software with dedicated hardware. Native Instruments is pushing very hard in that direction (see the new “komplete” keyboards, and ableton a bit in the same direction with their push.) and with success it seems.

So my guess is that they will go for:

1/ better and more functionalities and sounds for the Sonic SE integrated within cubase, (quick and at a very low cost since it exists) and a huge overhaul of their sonic and full halion engines with a few new synth macro’s and maybe a new engine too.

2/ Next guess is that system link will be dropped (few users and the need of multiple dongles) and network hosting will be made available to link multiple computers onto a single cubase. (like VEP and FX) At the same time they will be able to move the vst instrument environment to a server based host that will integrate flawlessly with the main program, and thus overcoming the problems they have with the asio-performance and uneven core handling. (in compatison with vienna and cockos)

3/ Next guess is that Yamaha will kick in and help them with some yamaha/nuage/steinberg/nuendo/cubase compatible and highly integrated hardware. (not only mixers, but keyboards and other instrument hardware interfaces)

4/ And the days of the dongle are over as a last guess. A new licensing system will be presented because the dongle is too often a hassle and consumer unfriendly.

Let’s hope the crystel sphere i was watching will become reality. :slight_smile:

kind regards,

I will not speculate but let you know what I want from SB:

  • successor for Virtual Guitarist 2
  • sound libraries for halion
  • wizards for things like warping tempo matching etc etc