A Lost Disc - Cubase 5

Dear Forum members,

I would like to ask you for the help with following issue.
I have lost my Cubase 5 installation disc which I need to install the 64-bit version. I bought the original software in a box from Florida 4 years ago, it consisted of 4 discs (I lost 2 of it) and a dongle. I have also successfully registered my licences on the dongle.

As I can prove legal possession of the licences by having them activated on the eLicencer, I do not see any issue with proving my right to use it and request for support. However, I contacted Steinberg team already two or three weeks ago to discuss with them how to help me handle the issue, I have received no feedback so far.
As you must agree there is no sense in buying new Cubase 5 licence just because of a silly thing such as a lost disc is. I have already found here similar cases having been successfully solved and as Steinberg provided the user with additional disc.

I would appreciate any feedback or any support to handle this issue as soon as possible as I am still one of Steinberg’s customers.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Perhaps you can download what you need here

I think the ftp only offers updates, you will have to get in touch with Steinberg.

Unfortunately, Steinberg lists there only upgrades, not full version of Cubase 5 but thank you anyway, BriHar.

Sorry if that is so.
It just seems I remember during the C5 era, that certain Updates didn’t require the original installation. I seem to remember people asking about re-installing if they had to install the original 5 then the updates, and were told they could install the update directly i.e. it was a full installation. Unfortunately I don’t remember which update(s) it was or if these are the same as what is offered on the FTP.

Yes, I tried it with several updated but it did not work the wished way unfortunately.
Anyway, I wrote to Steinberg again and I received prompt and kind answer. They will look for a solution for me so lets see what happens.

Thanks :wink:

Since the first feedback, all the communication and support was very fast and efficient.
I had been sent a link to download the Cubase 5 32/64-bit and now it is working just fine.

Thank you Steinberg’s support team as well as this forum!