A lot of crashes in 9.5.10

A lot of crashes in 9.5.10

I’m supplying the dumps in the attachent so you guys can check it out - I hope it helps.

Thank you very much - love the 9.5 :slight_smile:
CrashDumps.zip (1.26 MB)

I suspect that some of the crashes that happen during the progran exit are somehow connected to my Nektar Impaxt LX88, which if I’m not mistaken, uses Mackie protocol

John, did you install the download driver off the Nektar site, or are you using the LX88 as a Mackie device without the Nektar driver?

I just got a Nektar GX49 keyboard and installed the current for-Cubase “driver” from the Nektar website. The Elements 9.5 .1 GUI slowed down a slightly, and subsequently I almost always get a crash on exiting Cubase.

FWIW the GX49 is all but unusable in Reaper when I load Eastwest Play 6 along with any instrument sample. GUI update rate goes to 3 FPS at most, and the CPU pulls 10 to 15% constantly as long as Play is loaded. No such issues with Kontakt, Omnisphere, etc. which still perform as previously.

Win10 Fall Creators update along with some very recent auto-updates. i7-960, 24gb, very stable system.

Hey Bill, thanks for taking the time to answer!

I use the driver from Nektar site. Crashes are still random - sometimes happen, sometimes don’t.

Sorry to be driving this topic OT. But to be fair to Nektar and its well-above-average products and customer support…

I’ve been watching my GX49 entry in the Win10 Device Manager under the “Sound and video and game controllers” dropdown. To my surprise, the entry for my GX49 had disappeared, having been installed only a few days before. Perhaps that had something to do with recent panic updates to handle the notorious Intel hardware vulnerability, or maybe sequentially installing both Reaper and Cubase versions of the driver is problematic. Or perhaps evil spirits were at play.

Cubase and Reaper we’re running that keyboard under their default Win10 system drivers. When I re-installed only the Reaper version of the Nektar drivers, all problems went away and I now have fully functional everything in both Cubase and Reaper with only minor CPU overhead. And no more Cubase exit crashes. Happy ending for me, that little GX49 is an easy to handle option to a cramping 25 key compact.

You never know about those spirits. They say quartz is alive, and they’re all in our computers :mrgreen:
Joke aside, I’ll install REAPER driver asap and keep notice if crashes happen again.

I love my nektar, it has everything I need to write music. They are awesome new company, I hope I see more developed stuff from them.

I have a Nektar LX88 with Cubase - a great partnership. Good to read your post.