A lot of crashes in Cubase 8!

Ever since i bought the cubase EL 8 upgrade I am getting a lot of crashes, especially when closing/saving/loading projects… Its very annoying to press “save” and then software crashes for obvious reasons…

Process: Cubase LE AI Elements 8 [2407]
Version: (
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.10.3 (14D136)

Heres a pastebin log of a crash: http://pastebin.com/KxFjsGQW

Me too and loads of graphic glitches too

Yeah not to mention that, graphics kind of ‘stutter’, its like im running cubase on a old machine and my computer is having a hard time rendering visual stuff, i know its not my maschine because in the previous version it was all fine.

So far im not very happy i paid for the 8 update, i guess ill have to wait for maintenance updates to solve these issues…

Oh and 8.0.20 didnt fix it btw…

Whenever you have issues like this you should load cubase in safe mode which temporarily bypasses your preferences…have you done that to make sure it’s not corrupted prefs causing your issues? It’s always been recommended to delete your prefs when upgrading to major releases…it’s a pain in the neck but saves headaches and time in the end

I recently upgraded my computer so i did a brand new clean install on this new machine and I’m still having a lot of crashes when doing certain things:

Moving plugin order in the inserts.
Save / load causes crashes.
Random crashes for no reason.

Error log:

This is getting extremely frustrating, working on schedules and having to deliver work when the software you payed for keeps crashing is just plain annoying, it makes lose a bunch valuable time.

The last update was 3 months ago FFS!

that’s interesting… i’m using Kontakt also and some Plugin Alliance Plugins and also having issues… hmmmm Really can’t live without them to be honest

I have also done a complete clean install + recreated all preferences, and it still crashes… which is pretty maddening given the amount of time it took to do…

I don’t have any Plugin Alliance Plugins.
I do use Kontact tho, but i have experienced random crashes even when using nothing but the stock cubase stuff só i doubt this is caused by 3rd party plugins.
I recently did some workshops teaching kids to record and mix and bought a LE version just for that, it had nothing but stock plugs and still it would crash …

Keep hitting cmd+s every 1 min guys…

Updates are so damn slow i am considering switching daw’s…

I find mines crashes when expanding folders, have you noticed anything similar?

Graphics is a HUGE problem. It is causing unresolvable stuttering and stress on the cpu. Considering upgrading graphics card but shouldnt have to.

My projects also crash when i load them in the Steinberg Hub. My old projects are no problem since it doesn’t recognise the battery vst instrument. They do crash when i refresh the battery 4 edition and save the project.

The crash when loading the Project in the Hub has to do with the vst instruments. (i think)
You can bypass this crash by choosing an empty project in the Hub. In Cubase, open the project you work on and do “not activate” the project. Press “Activate” when the project is loaded.

This should work (it works for me)

I have a powerful gfx card, and it doesn’t make a difference, in fact it actually seems to make things worse