A lot of "newer"plugins seem to crash WL

The latest is “Silk” from WAVES, LTD. There are a few others. Any suggestions???
I am running WL 11.2 on a PC with 16 gigs of memory and Windows 10 Pro all the latest upgrades. If I try and run this plug in I get a message saying that WL has stopped working and I have to close it.

Thanks in advance

The only option, I guess, is to ask Waves to test their plugin with WaveLab.
They have been doing so in the past. I don’t know as of today. But it’s only when they feel there are some request that they will do it.

I have Silk here, too. I haven’t used it yet, I’ll give it a test here…

OK, no problems here, Thomas. There’s maybe 1/8 of the power band active with Kramer Tape and the CL-2A running after the Silk. I’m on Win11 64, latest build -version 23H2, OS 22631.2792, i7 and 32G of memory.

Thanks for the helpful reply.

I changed my mastering computer from “Programs” to “Background Services” and that seems to have taken care of the problem. I will keep that setting for now. Interesting article here How can I tune a Windows PC for best audio performance? | Audinate this is where I learned about the change. FWIW

Thanks again for testing it on your computer…