A lot of short questions

I’m freshly trying to learn Cubase Pro 10 from a Reaper background and I’m jotting down lots of questions which I’m struggling to answer and they’re beginning to pile up. Is it okay to start asking them all under all under one thread here?

If so the first thing I would like to ask is in Reaper you can at any time use the cursor to highlight an area of a track whether during playback or not and it will loop that section as long as the repeat section tab is checked near to the play button. I’m unable to make anything like this happen in Cubase. There’s a selection tool and upon searching for some sort of loop feature there’s an activate cycle button, but I’m unable to make anything loop/repeat. This is very important for my workflow to figure out.

Sure. First off, in somewhat reverse order, if you right click on a track/(it’s called an ‘event’) in your Project, and then press the ‘p’ key, the the playback markers will be established at the beginning and end of the track/event. If all other tracks are muted and you engage the loop button (purple), and press Play, the track/event will play indefinitely. If you unmute the other tracks/events and they fall under the playback markers, then they will play also produce audio.

As to creating a section within the track/event that you want to loop, at the top of the Project window you will find the ‘Range Selection Tool’. Click on this and your arrow will now become what looks like a large ‘I’ beam as you run it over a track. Right click this in the area/section (of the track/event) you want to isolate and drag it across the area you are want to loop. It will turn light blue. Click on the ‘p’ and it will mark this section you have created with the Range Tool. (Move the curser into this created section (that is still light blue) and hit Play. Of course, you must engage the Loop button for continual play.)

To undo the light blue section, just click on the ‘Arrow’ or selection tool next the the Range Selection Tool. Your playback markers will still be there, so if you want to play the entire track in a loop, click on the track and hit the ‘p’ key.

Thank you, it was the P thing that I wasn’t doing, I’m glad to have a hotkey for that could you tell me where the actual button is so I know what I was overlooking?

Here’s some more questions:

  • In reaper you can returns many values such as a fader to 0 by simply double clicking it. Is there any way to zero out a Cubase value or especially a fader at least?

  • Can you pull down multiple faders simultaneously like perhaps a quad tracked guitar?

  • How do you load other drum maps into Cubase?

Sorry if any of this seems obvious, I’m personally in information overload but trying to minimize wasted time learning a new DAW so that I can get back to mixing.

I think CTRL click will reset the control to 0. You can link multiple faders to make them move together. There should be a button on the mixer for that.

Thank you.

Here is one that is driving me insane. If I add a tempo track via midi two annoying things happen:

  1. Nearly all the markers with it are stacked by twos usually as duplicates but not always. If I drag or import the same file into Reaper it’s neatly marked in one line with no duplicates. It doesn’t even add the tempo map only these messed up markers which leads me to:

  2. I get a ton of junk going on in addition to the markers, none of that junk involves a tempo map. I get an instrument rack with all of its folders 'I/O channels -> VST Instruments -> then HALion Sonic SE loaded up with an HSSE Main track under that. From time to time I’m liable to get an additional SysEx Data track too.

Surely there’s a way to import tempo via midi? The midis are usually made in Pro Tools and always worked in Reaper, there’s no way Cubase is the black sheep of DAWs here.

Focus whatever or however many channels you desire, then press the link button. Link works for lots of other stuff too in addition to faders. Or, you can use VCA faders but a bit more involved.

It can be opened from the project page or the drum edit page. From the drum edit page, it’s going to be located below the list of your drum channels. By default it probably says GM Drums. Click on that, then you get a drop down that says something like open drum maps, then click on open…

Hope that helps. I’m away from my studio so this is all by memory.

Been clearing up major questions elsewhere but I have some left and also one which although somebody answered in this thread I was unable to figure out :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. What I couldn’t figure out is where to change drum maps. Specifically I have drums written in Superior Drummer 3 and I want to audition them in Getgood Drums and they’re definitely not natively mapped the same. I’m seeking a new drum map elsewhere from GGD but I will need to change it and I’m preemptively asking here.

  2. How do you listen to the master bus in mono?

  3. Can you listen to Cubase via your soundcard? I often would switch my output to my soundcard in Reaper to audition the mix through my $50 Logitechs because that’s similar to what most average people might be listening with.