A macro for playback


I have checked the option in transport preferences to ‘switch back in the first position when stop’. So when i press space bar it goes in play, and if i press again it stop and automatically switch back to the first position.

What i would like know if is there a way to have a behavior like this (maybe with a macro?):

  1. space bar —> play
  2. space bar ----> stop
    3.a) space bar again ----> play from the first position
    3.b) macro? —> continue play from the last position of stop

Is it possible guys?

Thanks in advance!

You can use the the INS, SUPR and INTRO keys of the numeric keypad instead, they have many more options than the space bar alone.

Yeah, I believe it’s numeral 1 on the keypad. Learn the keypad shortcuts, they are crucial.

Ok i will. Thanks!

use locators instead.
just press “strg 3” at the position you want to start. and then in play mode cubase jumps back everytime you press 3.
this works with numbers from 3 - 9.
for the cycle locators you can press 1 - 2 and this brings you to the start or end of the selected loop