A Macro I need-- Future Feature!

I need a macro that can re-create a montage at an alternate sample rate with similarly rendered audio-files.

The project I’m presently working on will be assembled as a 44.1 Khz montage. I need to re-create this montage at 48khz for an alternate release. I have a similarly rendered set of 48K sound files in an alternate directory as the sound files of the 44k montage that I am presently assembling.

Recreating the edits at 48k will entail a laborious, manual-copying of fade-ins, fade-outs, text editing the clip lengths and start positions to match the model montage. And all of this is dependent on me accurately matching the lead-in trim of the 44k files so that the start positions and fade-outs match.

As a work-around, I have been assembling my montages at 96k and exporting a composite, program-length WAV file. I then sample rate convert the comp. file to 44k; sample rate convert to 48k, export/import markers into the respective montages to accomplish this dual Fs task. But this process won’t work today because I’ve got clip effects that need to be applied at the final sample frequency. (Working from a composite sound file also doubles disc space demands).

Since so much of my montage edit matching is done by fade-in/fade-out copying and direct text edits of clip timing, it seems obvious that an automated routine that maps montage edits from one set of source files to another set of source files ought to be possible.

This is already possible using the Customized Montage Duplicate feature, and you can even do it using a 3rd party SRC such as RX or Saracon.

I cover this and more in this video:

Can you give me an approximate time stamp? The video is an nearly two hours long.

Duplicate with new audio files looks promising. I’ll give it a try. Already using Saracon and I should be able to just substitute one file name suffix for another.

Yes, Customized Montage Duplicate is something I requested awhile back and works great. It allows me to bake in all the processing at the highest native sample rate, externally SRC with RX (formerly Saracon) and then tell WaveLab to fully recreate the montage using the 44.1k downsampled version. The montage is then recreated fully with all the track markers, data, etc.

By default the new file(s) need to have the same name but there are some file name variables to help WaveLab match it if you add additional text to the source files.