A macro involving a Range selection


I would like to create a macro that would:

  1. Split the range selection (Key command is Shift+X)
  2. Select the splited selection (this step would be done using the project logical editor?)
  3. Mute the selected splited selection (Key command is Option+M)

Can you help?


You can try this macro. I think the track may need to be selected as well. This macro assumes that the preference - Edit - auto select events under cursor is not activated.

Absolutely brilliant Mr. Undo! Works like a charm :grinning:
Thanks so much!

Works like a charm!
Thank you very much Greg!
Rene (From Quebec!)

There’s only a little thing Greg. It works as expected the first time but if I make another range selection, I need to put the cursor somewhere above the new selection before triggering the macro again. But hey! It’s a great macro anyway! Thanks again!

If the mute shortcut would work directly on the selected range it would be great.

Yep, agree but I don’t think it is possible to make it work using key commands or a key command/project logical editor combination. Let’s make it a feature request to Steinberg? :+1: