A Means to Dramatically Increase Editing Workflow Speed

Hi Steinberg,

I have come across a small, but highly consequential annoyance that, if resolved, can dramatically increase workflow when editing Hitpoint markers in the Sample Editor. In order to most effectively describe both this annoyance and my suggested solution, I will describe them both in the context of the workflow of one of my current projects:

For a rhythmic violin part (audio track) in my Cubase 8 Pro session, I have been editing the Hitpoint markers in the Sample Editor window, so that I can warp-quantize the violin’s rhythmic notes to the grid with extreme accuracy.

For my process of editing the thousands of Hitpoint markers in the violin track, I set/use key commands for “Locate Next Hitpoint” and “Locate Previous Hitpoint”. After running Cubase’s Hitpoint marker analysis, my process for tweaking these Hitpoint markers is that, I first zoom in fairly close in order to clearly see the onset of primary transiences, and then I use the “Locate Next Hotpoint” key command to move from Hitpoint marker to Hitpoint marker in order to tweak each and every Hitpoint marker in the Violin track.

The element in this process that is dramatically slowing down my workflow is that, whenever I move to the next Hitpoint marker using the “Locate Next Hitpoint” key command at the close zoom level at which I’m working, my mouse is never exactly on top of the Hitpoint marker that I just moved to (and am trying to edit with my mouse). In order to adjust every Hitpoint I move to, I FIRST have to use my mouse to move my cursor over to the hitpoint marker, and THEN I can begin tweaking it.

This is no big deal if I were editing 20 or 30 Hitpoint markers. But, when editing literally thousands of Hitpoint markers in sessions on a daily basis, the wrist motion required to move the cursor to the correct spot really takes its toll on your wrist/hand/mental fatigue. Heck, I’m building a callus on top of that little bone at the base of my palm from all of the swiveling I have do to get the mouse in the proper location!

So, here is what I suggest:

There should be an option in System Preferences (or a toggle button at the top of the Sample Editor window) to center the Hitpoint at the current cursor location in the Sample Editor, when you use the key command to “Locate Next Hitpoint”. So, in other words, whenever I would hit my “Locate Next Hitpoint” key command (or my “Locate Previous Hotpoint” key command) when working in the Sample Editor, the hitpoint that I move to will automatically be centered right under wherever my mouse’s cursor is in the Sample Editor window. This would save me SO MUCH TIME and ENERGY, and it would protect my wrist.

Thank you Steinberg designers for reading this through. You guys are amazing!!! Keep up the incredible work.


I’ve just been looking for a means to do this too - but also with the cursor in the main arrange page when moving through audio files on a close zoom. A simple “centre cursor on screen” type command would achieve this for both cases - well, for any case! Because if I nudge backwards instead of forwards, the cursor, and the area I’m interested in editing switches from either the very left or very right of the arrange window. If it was able to remain in the centre whether nudging forwards or backwards, it would be a real lifesaver. Thanks!