A message telling me the eLCC is too old and I need a newer version

same here, I’m an a-level student and bought and downloaded the education elements 11 version but when I go to input my activation code I am met with a message telling me the eLCC is too old and I need a newer version, despite me having the most recent version available on the website.
really unhappy with this as it is now interfering with my online education

what version of the elicencer software are you using ?


On the website it says its the latest version

strange, I haven’t seen that before.

mac or pc ?

Clutching at straws but I’d try

perform maintenance
uninstall and resintall

also are you sure it’s an activation code NOT a download code ? they are different.

As @Dr.Strangelove has asked… Please provide the basic info needed to troubleshoot. OS version, and the the exact, verbatim, error message you see. Post a screen shot of the entire window or the eLC if possible.

pc windows 10
download access code
haven’t actually received an activation code so I assumed they were the same

no - the download access code needs to be used in the Steinberg Download Assistant

install this and it should all make sense

yeah i figured it out, was just being a bit dim! thanks so much for the help though

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