A minor bug for Lyrics

Hi team,

a minor bug, but annoying, especially when preparing lyrics for a Song. :slight_smile:

To replicate the bug use the project:

Lyrics.vlprj (11.5 KB)

Once the project is open, from the Tracks tab move in the timeline to position 0010.1.1 (but the same applies to subsequent positions).

Now move to the Lyrics tab and note that, although the vertical timeline is correctly represented, the text displayed is unfortunately the one positioned at location 0001.1.1.

By moving again to any point in the timeline while remaining in the Lyrics tab, the text representation is correctly applied.

… thank you, @Giuseppe_Loffredo. It has been fixed and will be added to the next Pre-Release.


Hi @Spork,

perfect, tested, the fix completely resolves the issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the work! :blush: