A minor bug that was in 13.0.30 and is still in 13.0.40

Unchecking the status line box hides the Status line. But it is not saved.
If you work on the project for a while it will eventually become visible again. Also, closing the project and reopening it will bring it back as well.
It is not saved with the project or with the workspaces.
See image:

The Cubase Window Layout (incl. Status Line) is stored in the Workspace.

I updated my Workspace after hiding the status line but closing and opening the project brought it back again.

This happens to me when working with specific projects I started with an old version of Cubase (I think 9.5, 10 or 10.5). For some reason, the Status Line reappears after a save operation. Not a big issue but annoying nonetheless.

In Cubase 13, I noticed that the workspace indicator (the one in brackets) in the menu bar isn’t working properly. When the workspace is changed, the display of the current workspace isn’t updated. Furthermore, no asterik is displayed when a change is made to the workspace. On the other hand, sometimes there’s an asterisk shown, but it doesn’t disappear, when the workspace is updated. Something’s not quite right :ghost:. Strangely though, in Cubase 12 all this works.