A minor point about Wavelab 12 current marketing

To the Steinberg marketing/web team, by the mere fact that Wavelab Pro 12 is once again the lead story on Steinberg.net, be aware of how easy it is to very nearly upgrade (in error) when you have already upgraded to Wavelab Pro 12 on the day it was launched however long ago.

I don’t know whether or not this was what you intended but when you make something “older” headline news it is very easy for people to fall down the rabbit hole of thinking it is an upgrade.

Thankfully I didn’t but I am just making you aware of the situation.

One idea to help make it easy for users might be to put the original release date at the top of the page.

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Did you think there was a wholly new version already available?

Sorry, but would you mind clarifying how this relates to my point?