A modest multi-channel help (feature request)

Given that WaveLab has long been able to import 6-channel 5.1 files into the montage, but can now render any different number of channels into a multi-channel file from a montage defined with the appropriate number of channels, would it be too much to ask for it to be able to import files with different numbers of channels in the same way as it already does 5.1? I can’t imagine that this would need much work to extend the existing facility.


would it be too much to ask for it to be able to import files with different numbers of channels in the same way as it already does 5.1?

That’s not too much to ask. This is rather high on the todo list.

Great! That would enable round-trip processing through WaveLab while standardising on multi-channel files for storage.


Is this getting nearer to the top…?

(No pressure).


Yes, but not for 9.5.x

OK - I know when not to get excited!


Absolutely -> no rush! WaveLab is at least 15 years to late with a real multi channel implementation, therefore another decade more doesn’t matter much. You can generate a lot of multichannel content with Nuendo and Cubase but your’e not able to edit and master this like stereo files in the audio editor of the same company. You cannot exchange multi channel audio material between the DAWs and WL just like with mono/stereo. All this seems not to matter much - the developer has to take his time. VR, Ambisonics, like planned for the DAWs? No, no … don’t cause any hectic here …

Yes, take your time please … we can wait for 12.5.x or 14.8.x

I should say that one reason I am coming up with a lot of issues with multi-channel work at present is that two recent changes in WaveLab (the ability to write multi-channel files and the Playback Processing slots) have already completely transformed how effectively I can work with it in my specific environment.

I could get all the features I talk about by using Reaper - but I just don’t get on with it, and in any case there are also specific things it does not do. Nuendo? I wish… On my pension I cannot justify that expense.

There are plenty more changes in WaveLab which would further help me (real multi-channel file handling, in edit windows as well as montage clips), and which will shortly become a matter of catching up again (I will soon be looking at a microphone with 19 outputs, and storing its processed data in 16-channel files); but I’m sure that snide comments aren’t the way to encourage PG to work on what are actually still minority interests (even if strongly growing in some fields).


Lovely vitriol sarcasm. Seems to me you picked the wrong software.
On the other hand, you waited 15 years, so if anyone is patient, it’s you! :wink:


Yes please be polite, PG is doing great work for our audio community
keep up the good work :wink:

regards S-EH

This is a completely unnecessary post. He literally just said that it’s coming soon, just not in an update for Wavelab 9.5.

Oh, I do think such sarcastic posts are necessary sometimes, to contrast a problem. Of course a self acclaimed forum police always shows up trying to force their articulation style on others. I have probably more invested into Steinberg software as most individuals here and will continue doing this. Nuendo and Cubase are jewels for my work flows. WaveLab is on my computers since version 1.x if I remember correctly. It is not to much asked in 2018 to have multi-channel workflow in an audio editor. Everybody knows that there are much more formats to be dealt with than e.g. 20 years ago. Simple things like loading a 5.1 interleaved file, edit it and save it back are not possible. The situation looks to me like a running gag. I appreciate the integration of WL into Nuendo/Cubase, but it is half baken for me when I cannot transfer multi channel files. Of course I have licenses for several other audio editors, which do multi channel editing just fine. I record in surround and Ambisonics, want to convert these files into other formats and so on. No go with WL since years.