A muso's best friend

Muso's best friend.JPG
…Excellent pedal… :sunglasses:

Hahaha, nice find :slight_smile:.

Also required…


:laughing: I think I might need a few of these pedals…

northwoodmediaworks…how did you place a pic directly onto the page please?

Some are born to wonder. Some are born to know. :sunglasses:

Shadowfax, quote one of HowlingUlf’s posts with an image to see how he does it :wink:

Kool boxes guys.

I’d like to add them to my current rig. :slight_smile:


That Blame Shifter should have the Model code BS-1 :wink:

X-actly! :smiley:

Thanks strophoid, …

My pleasure!


None are so empty as those who are full of themselves. ~Benjamin Whichcote

haha, cutie pie! try a mirror? I did … and it was awful !!! :astonished: :mrgreen:

By the way, this is in fact my Mouse


If you read this link… http://www.steinberg.net/forums/faq.php?mode=bbcode it will tell you how to embed images and lots more.

For the image, just paste in the full URL of the image then surround it with the IMG tag.

Easy :sunglasses:

haha! kinda :sunglasses: ! Was there any stomp box harmed during the manufacturing of this product? Is it a DIY project or a pre fab?

yeah, paste the address to the image and make a selection of all of it, then hit the [Img] button just above the text field you write in.