A new car that doesnt start Cubase 10 Pro

Imagine you have just purchased a brand new car, the salesman is so friendly and helpful with his beautiful glossy brochures but then you go to drive away and the car wont start and the sales man (Yamaha) has run away.

All you wont to do is drive your new car or at least be able to put petrol in it so you hit the forum and find loads of customers with the same issue yet no help from the manufacturer (Yamaha).

In this case the car is software, very expensive software (made by Yamaha). This software is meant to be state of the art but the software down loader hasn’t even been programmed well enough to give you an error report when it wont open, it just blinks and goes to sleep.

I am an Audio professional and have installed countless software packages, I have even been a world wide support person for a DAW manufacturer and I thought I had seen it all but I have never had such a completely negative experience as I have today with both the product, the install documentation and the support pages. When FAQ’s don’t cover a problem that looms large on the manufacturers own forum every thing Steinberg Yamaha today screams get a refund fast…

Hi and welcome,

Could you describe your problem, please?

OK, based on all the info you provided - is your problem with Tesla’s self-driving feature?

I guess the OPs real question was: why aren’t we all driving bicycles?

The petrol was their first mistake… Everyone knows Cubase runs on diesel.