a new CMC for CONTROL ROOM, please!!!

It could be a great tool, I suppose…
I would buy it immediately.
It’s very hard to control CR using keycommands…

What do you think about it?

I think it would be very handy as well.

However, I can also see the business sense NOT to develop it.

  1. Only available for Cubase 6 (full) users
  2. Not every Cubase 6 (full) user uses control room

Unlike the rest of the CMC line (which are good for all Cubase versions).

Limited market.

BUMP +1!!!


No doubt!

This is where the UR28M shines. :wink:
While not exactly a ‘controller’ for the Control room, it incorporates a great many of it’s functions in it’s hardware features. This makes it especially ideal for use with Cubase versions other than the full, and even provides CR functions with non-Steinberg programs. When used in conjunction with the CR in Cubase gives a lot of flexibility.