A new controller?


I really like the CMCs. But they were released when Cubase 6 was.
Since then Cubase has grown a lot and I’d really like to see a controller
that is made for Halion and GA4. The CMC Pd is still nice for tapping drums.
But do I ever use the Browse-Function? I don’t. And a function to control note-repeat
for example would be very cool.

I’m looking forward to new controllers. And I hope there will be controllers for
music production and a seperate productline for mixing.

Did you happen to find a new controller? I’m a complete novice of Cubase, Groove Agent and indeed computer music in general. I got Cubase 8 recently, and I’m very impressed. I can see the need for a drum pad controller for Groove Agent SE 4. I wonder why the CMC-PD was discontinued, and also why a replacement hasn’t emerged. What do you recommend?

I like how the pads respond and the different modes (4-level, velocity curves).
Still it is very basic. I’m still hoping for a controller that is like a mix of the CMCs and
the Yamaha KX. They could make a decent controller if they wanted to. So I guess
there is something in the pipeline and I’ll wait for it. The integration into Cubase is
most important to me and who could do that better than Steinberg and Yamaha?
The interfaces are already genius. But when you want something right now, I’d
recommend you to go to a store and test the stuff before you buy it. The market
is huge. But I defenetely wait for a Steinberg-Yamaha product as I can still work
quite well wit the CMCs and the KX. But still I’d like to see it as a all-in-one solution
that matches the controlls that you really need (for example that note repeat is
always available through buttons).

I spoke with Yamaha today. They have an E Drum kit called DD-65 (have a look at Youtube review), Yamaha say it can act as a midi controller for software like Groove Agent SE4 etc. What do you think about it, just for a more realistic drum experience, do you think it would be any good. I wonder if the DD-65 could play back the patterns on Groove Agent?

Sure, you can use anything that sends midi data. It’s rather a question of what you want.
I’m not a drummer, so the DD is not made for me as you better trigger the pads with drumsticks.
I’d rather pick something that looks like a MPC or something that looks exactly like GA4.

Have you tried an actual MPC? There are plenty of recent updates that are compatible with CB…

I use the pads on my Impulse (having issues with automap and Win10 currently though), good response, simple arpeggiator, and a kinda note repeat function (note roll), or I use an Allesis drumpad when using stix…

Hi Vinnie,

I actually tried some controllers. Mostly cheap stuff like the MPD (didn’t like th pads at all)
and the Maschine Mikro (nice pads but too much shift-button-action).
The CMC PD is way smaller and has only very basic funtionality, still the pads
are very nice. I don’t really have a reason to switch it. But I’d give all my CMCs away
for a new dedicated controller.