A New Human Awareness

A composition I made by applying the MIDI part of Cubase, which I love, and Vienna Symphonic Library as sound. Created by a mouse. :laughing:


Nice composition and orchestration.
Well done!



Thank you, guys! Really appreciate it. :smiley:

Listened a few times, and I like what you’re composing with the tools at hand. There was another guy here who hasn’t shown up in a while (Jonathan) who was a real expert in using symphonic sound libraries, and who would have had lots of pointed comments on this one. What I like, ignoring the libraries and such, is the composing. It’s complex and interesting, and I can only encourage you.

You’re quite right, Leon, I have been missing in action. Work and a nagging bronchial cough has taken its toll. And I know I would rather be writing, recording and listening. Thanks for the compliment by the way. I’m not sure I’m such an expert on the sound libraries but I do know orchestral music. And…

I really like this piece. The control of the orchestration is very good indeed. I picked up many influences in the scoring - early 20th century and more recent movie work - however, you have put your own voice to the work. I like the title and how you presented the music. Your writing tends towards the lush and every now and then I wanted something with which to contrast. Lighter, clearer textures help to make the more in depth features really stand out.

Hopefully you can write some more and create a bigger package. I think this piece is well on the way to becoming significant.

All the best


That is a very talented mouse! Again the orchestration is outstanding.

Thank you, guys! Means everything to me, and I’m glad it gave you something, regardless of the fact that I do not posess any theoretical experince. So it’s really important for me that you give your feedback about deficiensies. Thanks again! :smiley: