a new mess

hi,i created folder inside the plugins folder alled"64 bit synths"
in plugin information,i set this foder as one of the paths for scanning.
when i updated the scan,cubase froze,soi had to shut it down throughtask manager.
now when i boot cubase it freezes on startup when it comes to vst 2x plugins.
i orce a close then try to rebbot,but it freezes at the next plugin it has to scan on startup.
is there any way i can elete the path i created “64bi synths” as it must be the problem?

ooh please sumone! will take weeks to load at this rate,i have to keep closing down on bootup it moves on to the next vst 2 plugin on bootup then freezes.

Rename the vst plugins folder. Open Cubase…Make the change and then close, put the plugins folder back as it was.

Not sure why you’re adding a path inside of vstplugins when the whole vstplugins folder (inc subfolders) is scanned already?

If you are separating out 64bit from 32bit then they need to be in a different location entirely.

I would suggest you to MOVE the 64 bit synths folder OUT of the VST 32 bit folder & INTO the correct 64 Bit location C:/Programfiles/Steinberg/VSTplugins…then it wont halt on scan as it cant find the folder.

simply remove your folder out of the designated 32bit folder, (Programfiles(x86) …its for 32 bit plugs.

just move the folder you think is causing the issue out of the scanned folder, boot up cubase, then assign the correct 64bit folder path.

as what Grim said ^^^^^ :smiley:

i have my 64 bit synths in c/programfiles/steinberg/vstplugins/64bitsynths
i had no problem untill i created this path today in the plugin info section.
cubase is feezing on bootup when scanning VST 2 plugs. why would this be?


Ok,i moved the vst plugins folder and j bridge folder to my destop,and cubase then loaded ok. i then went into plugin info and set it back the way it was earlier today when it was working.
rebot cubase,still freezing on VST 2 x Plugin scan

on latest attempt to boot, while scanning,and b4 it froze the pc shut down, the way it wuld shut down if u shut down normally.
any clues?

The real question here is why are you doing this? Tinkering with anything will likely lead down these paths.
I wouldn’t dare alter paths on any program, despite the fact that I build my own DAWs, and if you feel the paths aren’t right then join in one of the existing threads on this subject or make a feature request of your own.

Aside from the customisation aspects of Cubase I would really not alter anything to do with Cubase that is external, like the folder structure. Others can do it but getting that info across and also having / not having the right components can really dump you in it. What looks clever to all us geeks on these pages can leave you with a lump of tin in the corner that the cat sleeps on and not the sleek music making factory we hoped it would be.

Rather than try reprogramming folder structures I find the old ways are much quicker and best even if they don’t look as flash. You know. Pen paper, that sort of thing.

Just advice on the matter to reduce your mess rate mate. As a “new mess” suggests not a few others have happened to you.