A new "mixer track"


It would be cool to have a new kind of track that could be called mixer track. On this track various mixer information
is somehow registered AND, the whole point with this is so that I can use trackversions to quickly store and acess different kinds of mixes to my projekt.
It should also be very easy to copy mixer settings, inserts and other things between the different mixes in the different trackversionns. So to be clear, swithing to a new mix using the trackversions on this mixertrack will change ALL mixer settings of my whole project, like inserts, EQ, panning and everything on all my channels.

In addition there could be a mastering track aswell, with basically the same kind of features, so in one way a bit unnecessary, but it would just make sense to have one, plus then I can easily try various mastering setting combos quickly on my different mixes.

does anyone else think this could be a useful feature?