A new one from Peter Neubaecker ...


Nice one!!
I am just not sure, how serious they are about the 3.790 Euro it is supposed to cost…
Get real @ Celemony…LOL…

Taking into account how small the potential userbase for a hi-profile tool like this will be, I think the pricing is pretty reasonable.

Hats off to the brilliant minds at Celemony!

Servus Dietz

True and if they have valuable old tapes on the shelves which they want to publish it will be payed for in no-time.
But still… well, let’s wait and see what the street price of Capstan will be. Usually some time later some other company will copy the function for their own softwares and sell it for less.
Looking deeper into what Capstan actually does and in what quality, it is surely another master piece comming from Celemony.

I had this demoed for me at the AES in London, and it is simply stunning.
What will really tell me is how it works on real-world material as opposed to the pre-prepared demo stuff.
I have some old Q8 tape transfers (all at 24/96) where the wow & flutter is terrible.
We’ve kept them just ready for stuff like this - and if it works, then I will definitely be buying.