A new (?) trick to apply parenthesis to any notehead

Hi, I have an idea to apply parenthesis without creating a new note head (and can be applied to any notehead). You only have to substitute the symbol for the jazz articulations “plop bend” and “doit bend”, the first one by a “(” and the second one by a “)”. Then you can apply the parenthesis at will:
PS: You have to change teh setting Engraving options>Jazz articulations>Vertical offset for bend… to 0.

Nice! How does it look with chords?

Xavier, I love this trick ! Congrats, that’s the third interesting (and brand new) trick that you offer, in no time ! Nice to have you around :slight_smile:

Like this:
But if you use the other jass articulations to create longer parenthesis, I think you can get very good results (I guess you will have to put a transparent note in the middle of the chord with a large parenthesis attatched)

Thank you Marc! As I said before, necessity makes me think harder. I am happy to contribute to the community, I also get a lot from you all :slight_smile:

To echo what Marc said… these are quite ingenious.

And to echo what Daniel said elsewhere… hopefully they won’t be needed for long. :wink:

Thank you dankreider, we all are waiting for next major update as it were the day before Chistmas :smiley:

This is terribly handy. Thanks!

You are welcome!

Very nice!

I’ve been using this trick for a Rameau-type ornamentation (port-de-voix pincé) I should have shared it. But Kudos!

I guess I might try to repair the incorrect standard positioning of the Schleifer ornament this way, for the time being. (See also this thread).