A New user transitioning from Sonar Platinum

Hello everyone, I have started using Cubase pro 9 for a few weeks, and coming from Sonar Platinum, I am finding myself in some seriously frustrating situations. Now, I did not write these things in the ‘‘issues’’ forum as they may not be any issue, I may be missing something. Besides, this is the very first time I am writing to the forum. So, please forgive me if I am irrelevant.

  1. No true full screen of Cubase in my multiple monitors. I have three monitors. Whenever I expand any window across the other monitor, it almost gets full screen but not entirely. There remains a gap from where I can see my desktop background.

  2. No Melodyne integration. Even Variaudio does not open in a single key command when a track is selected!

  3. I can not freeze the instrument tracks from where I can easily freeze the audio tracks.

  4. There is a blink whenever I open the mix console, specially when there are many tracks in the project. For example, 50 tracks. When I close the mix console window, it disappears smoothly, no problem there. However, when I turn it back on, there is this blink which hurts the eyes.

  5. There is no single key command that I can find to bypass all effects including inserts, sends, strips,etc.

  6. Many insert plugins come very slowly when I select them from the drop down plugins menu.

Please help me if I am missing some workarounds. But, if I am not missing something, I believe these things can be easily fixed by the developers of this software via simple updates. Otherwise, Cubase seems to be an amazing software with really exclusive features.

Try not having the main title bar on one of the two screens, if you want both screens to be covered by a single window.

If you would like to have ARA then support the current request thread in Feature Requests. If you would like a Variaudio keycommand then consider creating a feature request for that.

Right click the instrument track, go to Track Control Settings and add the Freeze Button to the list of buttons. Also consider using Render In Place.

This hurts my eyes too, and Steinberg knows it’s a problem with the technology used in 9.0

In Key Commands, look for Mixer > Bypass: Inserts, Bypass: Channel Strips, etc. If you want all those to happen with one keycommand then make a Macro for it. (Press “Show Macros”)

I haven’t heard about this issue before. You could take a video of it and post it to the Issue reports forum.

Thank you so much. It means a lot. Mat God bless you.

No problem, hope you can figure things out.