A new years wish..

Maybe sometime soon?
Cubase Mono Button! .JPG

It´s there already in control room. You just have to use it…

Big Control room fan here, Ok if you have never used it, it can seem pointless and overly complicated at first, but really it’s just a great addition to Cubase and can give Cubase the functionality of a large consoles studio section (given enough inputs and outputs) Oh and a MONO button :stuck_out_tongue:

Although the functionality is indeed there, I wouldn’t mind a mono button either. I’m on Artist and haven’t got the control room, so I need to use an insert plug to get mono, that’s a bit silly.

If they allowed all of the “silly” capabilities people wish they had, then you would have full C6.

I’d consider mono output primary functionality though.

Strophoid, I’m not trying to be a jerk, but that’s what everyone says about every feature they want in whatever limited version they happen to have. By definition, a limited version will end up lacking something that you consider necessary or core. Otherwise there would be no reason to upgrade.

Just a guess, but I would wager quite a bit that the vast majority of Artist users don’t know what that feature is for let alone why you would want it. Heck, I’d wager the vast majority of full Cubase don’t use the Control Room and by extension the mono button.

I understand completely why you think it is a core function. I’ve always thought it belongs on every OUT buss. I’m just saying I don’t track with the “sub versions” should be “feature complete” argument.

I suppose you’re right, there has to be some incentive left for me to shell out some more cash to Steiny :wink:

Would be nice if they had some kind of modular approach, where you can assemble all the features and calculate the price for that. It would probably also work very bad and introduce numerous problems and incompatibilities etc. Just daydreaming :slight_smile: