A newbies Problem | VST Routing, different devices

I just got Cubase Pro 9 and since hours i am trying to figure out a solution to this. Okay heres my problem:

I went to Devices and choose my scarlet 2i2 driver. but i only need this for input.
When i go to Bus in and output ect. i can not use my logitech 3.5mm normal speaker boxes as an output. they are not even shown.
there is no driver i could possibly download bcs they are just normal 3.5mm boxes. i don’t own monitor boxes

Scarlet is my input and it is not woorking.
I dragged audio in and there was no output. and i could not select my Logitech speakers anywhere.
Don’t blame me for logitech speakers haha. i just bought a fine pc and cubase so monitor boxes need to wait a couple hours.

I hope you guys see what the problem is?


You cannot use two devices in Cubase.

The only one workaround is use any virtual cabeling application or make a virtual ASIO driver which glues both of the devices (like ASIO4ALL, for example).

The Scarlet is the main ASIO driver so you should use it for input as well as output.
Then connect your speakers to it…
I quess the Logitech has no ASIO driver, so you should find a hardware way to connect the speakers to the Scarlet.
Also as for latency on th USB port of the Scarlett, i am not so impressed with their driver, that got stuck with a processorload and fails.
The scarlet is out of my door now…

If you have a headphone adapter hanging around you can plug the 3.5mm jack to your headphone out on the Scarlett.
It’s not the best option but then they’re not the best studio monitors :wink:

Otherwise using ASIO4all driver will work…Note that you are NOT looking for the logitech speakers in Cubase…but for your onboard soundcard outputs (probably realtek)