A nice touch of Dorico - on iPad

Sometimes, when I relax, I’ll grab my iPad and do a little project with Dorico’s iOS version. In these cases I don’t use an external keyboard.
An example task: selecting a whole flow: one has to aim precisely; I select the first note of a piece, then scroll to the end, then tap the little selection tool and aim for the last note. A bit fiddly, but it works.
This made me think, why not kick in the Jump Bar to see wether I can find the command there, voila “Select All” I type, finish with the virtual Enter key - and Everything is selected, super. I do my usual tasks, filtering, adjusting etc.
Next time I want to select All, I activate the Jump Bar - and the “Select All” is already preselected, that’s really a nice touch of Dorico, especially on the iPad.
Speeds things up quite a lot; I had to move things up a stave, super easy with the Jump Bar. I split Flows thanks to the Jump Bar, in the mean time I can even duplicate Flows on the iPad (new context menu!).
Dorico has the ability not only to get work done very well - and at the same time makes it an enjoyable activity.