A No-show for Spectral Layers One in Cubase

I’m using Cubase 12 Pro and when selecting Spectral Layers as an extension, it shows the event/track id being scanned OK, but the spectral analysis doesn’t appears in the lower window. That is where it should be, isn’t it?

I appreciate Spectral Layers One is only a tame version of what version 10 can now do, but it would be good to get some idea of what it’s about.

Any ideas, please?

What did you install, SpectraLayers 10 or SpectraLayers 9 ? Because SpectraLayers One 10 requires Cubase 13.

Hi, Robin.

I didn’t actually install anything (I don’t think), although I must have upgraded it over time (from vs 7 through 8 to 9).

I thought Spectral layers One comes with Cubase Pro 12 as an integral plug-in? That said, I seem to have an icon for Spectral layers One on my desktop - it’s vs 9.0.20 (Build 305); but I’m wanting to use it within Cubase as an extension.

Does that help?


Does it work fine when you open SpectraLayers One 9 as a standalone and open an audio file ?

Yes, Robin, it does. I guess that means it’s just not integrated into Cubase yet.


Well it seems to be integrated since you could select it as an extension. Would you be able to do a video capture of what happens when you assign SpectraLayers to an audio clip ?

Thanks for the offer to look into this,Robin. I’ve just tried it in another project and it’s now working fine. That is really strange since I presume one WAV track is the same as another WAV track; it’s hard to see why it works on some audio, but not others.

Thanks again.

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