A non valid activation code? Permanently Activate??

I have two different questions on different topics.

First question:
I seem to have activated CuBase Pro 8 Retail, twice, (trying to figure out if i had downloaded, registered and activated everything. I got a message telling me that i now have to contact Steinberg to get a valid activation code.
Same thing happened for the Basic Fx Suite for the Steinberg UR 242 interface.
What am i supposed to do?

I wasn’t expecting all of this stress trying to LEARN how to do all of this in the heat of the moment.
I think i 'm all finished with installing, registering and activating everything but i am not sure how to verify if its been done correctly.

Second question.
When it says to Permanently Activate, does THAT mean i can still use the bonus, HALion 5 and HALion Sonic 2, Groove Agent 4, The Grand 3 SE and Padshop Pro softwares forever?
Or are they only good for limited time trial periods after which they simply expire when the trial period time is up?
I am confused by the choice of words, to ‘Permanantly Activate’ .
Of course i want to be able to use them permanently - but is that what that means when i read how to Permanantly Activate?


Try launching Cubase. If it loads correctly, it has been activated correctly.

Cubase comes with demo-licences of the plug-ins you mention. They won’t be “Permanently Activated”. If you’re interested in these, I suggest that you check out the “Absolute 2 VST Instrument Collection”. You’ll get all the plug-ins you’ve mentioned, plus more, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them individually.

If you activated Cubase Pro it MUST be on the usb elicenser…it is not possible to re-use that same activation code.
The FX suite is a bit different in that it could (but may not be) activated direct to your computer instead of on the dongle…

First thing you can do is open elicenser control centre where you can view the status of all licenses on your system.

The trials are of course time limited. If you want to permanently activate those you have to buy a license.

Last night i rechecked all my e-licenses and it seems i figured out how to licence it all.

And i did as was suggested - i did load up CuBase and it loaded without a glitch. So i guess it’s all been done.

I, also, understand now how the permanent licenses for the free trials need to be purchased. I must have misunderstood what i had read about that.

Thank you.

Great tip!
Thank you.