A Numpty's guide ... please?

Admission - I’m a numpty when it comes to software and acronyms.
All I want is to be able to compose music (thanks Dorico!) and get the best orchestral playback.
It’s this latter that taxes me. I’ve been using NotePlayer4 - and it’s good. But I wanted to try out Vienna Symphonic. I downloaded the installer but could get no sound out of Dorico. I’vetried searching the intermanet and got totally lost in download this and download that and do this and do that (perhaps).
Whatever I do, what appears on my screen never seems to match what the ‘advice’ says it should.
I’m asked for logins and passwords for stuff I’ve never even heard about.
Please, does anyone have a numpty’s guide to making this stuff work?

Sorry … NotePerformer4.

NotePerformer 3.3
We are ALL waiting for NotePerformer 4 :wink:


Les, perhaps it would be a good idea to book a Switch Session with my colleague John to help you make some progress in this area:

Sorry - I’ve got a bad cold and my brain is a little addled.

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