A "parallel insert slot" option

Wouldn’t it be nice if when you clicked on an insert slot, you had the option to choose “insert” or “parallel insert”?
And if you chose “parallel insert”, a window would pop up with the 2 parallel chains side by side, each with their own volume faders and insert slots, both routing back to the original channel?

There’d be no need to create new tracks and enable sends, it would all just be done right there in the parallel insert window itself.

This is like the reverse of creating a buss. The buss is already the channel you’re in. You’re simply splitting the channel in 2, or even more - 3,4, whatever… so you could have the option of multiple parallel paths.

Or does this already exist in Cubase, or some DAW?


Move this to the Feature Request thread, please.

Feature request, then, it is.
I don’t see how to move it to another forum. I’ll leave that to the moderators.

Blue Cat Patchwork?

excellent. thx for the tip.