A Plea For Randomization

I have been a big advocate of randomization. There is a Logical Editor preset for pitches but it is clunky to use it if you want to change the variables. People have thought my request was not a good one but now I have Polyplex by Native Instruments which has a randomize button on sound. This thing is so much fun to use and useful. Randomizing is the main thing which makes it so great. You really need to take a look at this product and add randomizing to Cubase. There is a similar feature in some synthesizers such as Abynth called “mutate.” It is a random patch generator. I’m pretty sure a lot of people love random patch generators. Why can’t we have some good randomization buttons or commands in Cubase?

Some of the older synths, Prologue, Mystic would be great with a random knob. I would go as far as to say they are built for randomization, since they are so good at those weird metallic, and crystally sounds.

Padshop would be great as well.

Yes, sure I agree.

I wonder if in the piano roll interface in cubase (midi editor) we could have a randomization script that would allow you to humanize patterns easier than the current method. something like in studio one 2 xD

+1 Randomization would be good. Not much else to say about that.

Regards :sunglasses:

+1 for all of this. Randomization is a great way to generate new ideas through happy accidents. Please give us an easy way to randomize not only pitches but control values as well. Maybe add some kind of preset randomizer/morphing system as well?

I’m happy with current cubase’s randomization functions. But if it could be extended then I vote for it :slight_smile: