A Plea to Steinberg...Let us have a printed Manual

I went to Kinkos today to have them print and bind a copy of the Nuendo 6 and Wavelab 8 manuals because I simply find it unacceptable not to have a printed copy of the manuals… sadly they would not print it for me because it’s copyrighted and I would have had to bring in a signed permission note, to be confirmed via fax, by Steinberg.

This is so ultra frustrating. On top of it they wanted $1000 (no kidding) for a colored print or $250 for black/white…ONE copy that is… I still think that woman either had no clue or was trying to rip me off…

In either case:

Dear Steinberg, I am begging you outsource the printing, add a permission slip for us to have it printed. Myself and others are more than happy to pay some extra for a printed copy.
But PLEASE let us have a printed manual, Please!

I get the environmental argument, but if you print limited editions and on recycled paper you are doing very little harm. And as mentioned earlier at least let us have some form of permission slip to print a personal copy (a quality copy that is…not a home printer thing).

thank you!

But PLEASE let us have a printed manual, Please!

+1 please



Sibelius offers the program’s manual as an optional purchase.


I’d happily pay for a printed manual too.