A plug-in only a forum member could appreciate

How CPU intensive is it?

Is it best as an insert, or via a send?


A major LOL and ‘way cool’.


I see the ‘Link’ switch is in the ‘up’ position.



it also needs a Novation Automap 4 toggle that makes Automap 4 work in Cubase with a Zero SL MKII

I see the ‘SUCK’ knob is set at 10 :mrgreen:

Must sound pretty good !

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I’ve been waiting for plugin versions of these for a while too now…Revolutionary Cadac Modules


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We need an USB dongle to run it?

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Nice! Almost as good as this one: http://www.funklogic.com/palindrometer


I really like the

(requires two “AA” batteries)


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[Feature request] FXB/FXP preset support!

Is it VST3?

Haha, very nice.
Steinbergs fault, leave in up position :laughing:

What would Chris B do? :open_mouth: :laughing:

Close zizz one and warn Weasel?


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