A problem of lenghts

Hello, I’ve just upgraded from Elements to Pro 12. I’m not sure if it’s a problem of the upgrade importing the settings. Anyway, in attachment an image to show the problem.

As you see in the image in attachment, in the bottom window the quantization is perfectly correct, but in the top window the notes are slightly on the left. What I’m doing wrong? Hope you can help, thanks.


I have seen the same reports already from other users. I cannot reproduce it here. It seems it had been drawn wrong at sing some graphic cards.

ah, it’s very strange anyway. I’ve got a GeForce GTX 1660, that could be cheap now, but two years ago was very expensive.


Try to download and install the latest driver, please.

Ok, one last thing anyway. it works correctly with Audio. The problem is with midi only.

I checked nVidia Panel and I have the latest driver.

Please take a look at this post:
MIDI note display in Project view is inaccurate in 12.0.40 - #41 by steve

It’s probably a lot less noticeable on a high resolution monitor. It has been reported to the developers. Please check back again in a couple of weeks to see if an update has been released.