A Problem with disappearing menu bar.

I’m using Cubase AI 8 with Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 4 and using a 24" extended monitor.

My issue is when I open Cubase. The menu items in the top toolbar are showing at first but when I open a project the menu items disappear. If I hover over them, nothing, however if I click on where I think they should be they are there.( I get a blue highlighted text box with white text.)

If I restore down the project window then I can see the title bar text. This is annoying when working on a project I have to guess where the menus would be. Has anyone had this problem and is there a solution?


Make sure, you have the latest Cubase AI 8(0.40) installed, please. Do you have any 3rd party software for some specific graphic effects? Or do you use some specific Windows settings in term of graphics?

Is it the same on both screens? Is it the same when you use Surface only (external screen is not connected)?

no third party software. I also messed around changing out the different windows themes formats and colors for windows dialogue boxes and this does not seem to have any effect either.