A proper introduction

Hi all,

I am fairly new to the world of Halion. I stumbled across it recently, quite by accident, and, so far, I’m loving it!

Here’s my background, in a nutshell:

My first synth was a Super JX-10, followed closely by an M1, Wavestation, DX-7. In college, I got a Kurz K2K and a JP-8000, followed by a Novation K-Station. Several years later, a Moog Little Phatty and an E-MU MP-7.
I still have the Moog, but over the years, have gotten rid of the rest in favor of plugins. I’ve amassed quite a collection of plugins and have a decent workflow with my MIDI controllers and have embraced MPE. Even though I know there are a massive amount of things that can be done in a plugin that (a) aren’t realistic or affordable to pull off with hardware, or (b) just can’t be done, I’ve found myself getting a semi-modular/modular GAS bug. I think it’s because I’d really like to get back to basic sound design and enjoy the thought of “one knob = one function” and the eventual expandability through patching.

Yep, I just about started going down the hardware modular hole. Then I decided to look into both UVI’s Falcon and HALion 6. :wink:

I’m brand new to both, but I’m glad I’m exploring this path. Halion 6 is elegant and intuitive and even though I’ve only been using it for a little under a week now, I find that it will become an essential tool to my setup going forward.