A question about Automation

I’m hoping someone can help me with this one. I have a project with various tracks (drums, bass, keys, vocals, etc). Some of these channels have volume automation, others have no automation at all. Everything works just fine. At the top of the project, in the toolbar, I have the State Buttons visible. This shows me whether I have any R(ead) and/or W(write) automation engaged in the project.

Let’s say that for some reason all my Read automation gets turned off. If I click on the top R button, ALL channels in the project now show a green R, regardless of whether there are automation events or not. This is not good; it’s confusing to see green Rs everywhere, especially when some tracks do not have automation. This means I have to click the R button on every channel in the project that does not have any automation data to disengage it. Is there a way to re-engage Read for ONLY those tracks that have automation information without having to click on each one throughout the project? Cheers!

a little bump…

That basically implies that you never have to click on it — Ridicolus behaviour but not surprising. In fact, it is pretty much the same as the general solo that when unclicked doesn’t remember what was soloed before