A Question about expression maps

Ive been looking over expression maps again, revising. :smiley:

I am not too familar with C6 or 5… yet, dont quite understand Media Bay.

I have downloaded some expression maps for EWQL stuff and want to set up some templates. I have figured out how to load a map, but am wondering how to store them - which directory to go for, with a mind to Media Bay.
Do I create my own directory called EWQL maps or something, or do I purposely put them somewhere where other maps are found?
I think though I am not postive that for certian instruments there is a automatically loaded map?? Is it possible to associate a map with an instrument gruop or something?

put it where you want ! cubase gonna remeber the last folder “visited” for xpressionmap
& if you save a “instrument track” preset map gonna be save too !

thanks for the reply, …and if I want the preset back later in some other project and cant remember where it was?

just made a search with : “.vstpreset”