a question about flows, xml files and orchestral movts

I have a new question (for me) about importing a multiple movement large orchestra sibelius file that I want to edit as a dorico file.

I import the first xml movement (in sibelius they are separate files) and all is fine. xml did ok (have looked at details, yet).

but, then I am not sure how to progress.

do I start a flow 2, load xml II into a separate dorico file then copy and paste it into the second movt on the master folder
(will have each movt in a separate flow… HOPEFULLY!!)

sorry, xml files.

For the time being, copy and paste is your friend… :slight_smile:

yes, tried it. bother than nothing at this point, but it is slow wth 7 movements, each a different instrumentaion (movt I: chorus and orchestra, II: sax qrt and orchestra, III: solo soprano voice, sax quartet and orchestra, IV solo soprano sax and orchestra, etc). using win 10, 16 gigs, i7, but dorico seems to be coughing with very large files (I know this was mentioned in a different thread). oh, for the future. Can we live that long?

clicked on xml file from sibelius to load in the first movt with the correct instrumentation. ok. movt II has no chorus but a sax qrt. this is flow II. click on flow II at the bottom, which I added with “add flow” and need to remove chorus and add sax quartet. everything that I do seems to effect the entire work (flow 1 and 2). I need to isolate the second flow, and will need to change instrumentation for each new flow. I am a bit fuzzy about how player on the left and layout on the right effects this.

found it. I wasn’t going to shave, eat, or breathe until I found it. so simple. found it on a youtube video. Set up all of the instruments used on the left; then, go to the new flow for each movement and UNCHECK each instrument NOT used for that flow. Wow, I am in heaven. Unfortunately, totally addicted to Drocio; no going back.

movt III is for soprano voice and orchestra, so I removed the sax qrt, the chorus from the third flow. I added the instrument s"soprano" and it added soprano 2. I right clicked it in the player list and chose rename to solo soprano voice. it doesn’t change in the score. how do I change it in the score? came in from an xml file.

found it. I am having a conversation with myself, but good to share discoveries. right click the new instrument and because it was a second soprano (in the chorus) it said soprano 2. right click that and edit the name, etc. its a bit tricky to get to the menu with the right click (at least on my computer).

As you know it is “XML” and not “MXL”, could you please correct it in the title of this thread ? You can do it because you started it :wink:

Actually, Marc, MusicXML files can have one of two file extensions: .xml is used for an uncompressed MusicXML file (and indeed for many other kinds of data that happens to be stored in an XML-based format), while .mxl is used for a compressed MusicXML file.

Thanks for that information, I admit I had no idea about mxl extension ! My apologies to Burtonbeerman ^^