A question about graphics


Thanks for the SVG tip from the earlier thread. I never knew about SVG really, and did some basic research and found it to be quite helpful.

But I do have one question regarding graphics. In the past, I have used software that when you place a graphic, the graphic is more of a placeholder for the graphic that is physically stored on the computer. So if I take that file to another another computer, the graphic will not appear, as the graphic file was resided on the 1st computer.

Does Dorico do this, where it calls on the graphic from a specific location? Or does it save the graphic into the Dorico file? I am curious if I e-mail Dorico files to other people, will the graphic file be embedded in the Dorico file, or will I need to send a copy of the graphic as well?


Graphics get saved into the Dorico file (which is nothing more than a conventional zip file as far as its structure is concerned, so you can unzip one and have a look). So the project file is completely portable and you don’t even need to keep the source image if you don’t want to.