A question about layouts (parts) and just how different can they be?

I have a score of a concertante work.

I need the soloist’s part to also include the 1st flute part, but only from, let’s say, measure 200-250.

And I’d need that bit of flute part to appear at 75% of regular staff size, but ONLY in the soloist’s part layout. It has to be regular size, and all measures showing in the actual flute part.

Can this be done with layouts?


Assigning players to layouts

Hiding/Showing staves from system/frame breaks

Changing the staff size for individual players


so I take this to mean that both the flute part and the full score will remain untouched if the soloists part also contains the flute part and hides sections of it and resizes it?

since this is a large score, already all finalized as far as layout is concerned, making changes to it takes up time as Dorico readjusts spacing and whatnot. it’s not the type of thing I want to fiddle with before at least having an idea of whether it is actually possible.

I originally handled the “include flute part in soloist’s part” by using an ossia staff.
But this then precluded actually showing the ossia in the score of other moments where I might have needed. (to the best of my knowledge it’s “show ALL ossias in score” or “show NO ossias in score” as options, right? you cannot show one example of an ossia at one spot in your score, but then not show ossia in another part of the score?)

Yes, that’s why I shared those links. If you’re not sure, test it out yourself, perhaps in a dummy project rather than your big original one.

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Thank-you Lillie.
It all worked out perfectly.
This way there are now fewer “work arounds” to get the result I needed.
Every day we learn a bit more about how to use Dorico efficiently