A question about Live Stage

I’m exploring doing more of my mixing within Dorico. Can someone explain where does Dorico get the name of the instruments showing up in the Live Stage interface? My mixer has those channels right now yet I only get two instruments to show in the Live Stage.

It looks like you’ve got loads of instruments there, but they are all in one of two places.

Also, make sure that the instruments enable Live Stage in their Expression Map.

Also, note that NotePerformer mixes down all its channels into one output from each VST.

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Thank you!

Yes, looks like a ton of instruments but I can separate them. I’ll check out the bit about the expression maps enabling Live Stage.

Thanks again @benwiggy. Yes, the issue I was seeing only some of the instruments was that I hadn’t enabled Stage Live in their expression map.

And the reason instruments are put in a group makes total sense, it’s basically because all those instruments share one channel (VEP output) and Dorico recognizes that within the interface.


How do I enable live stage in expression maps? I used my VSL SYNCHRON Prime template for playback and all of the instruments were assigned for use in Live Stage. I opened another orchestral work -again using the SYNCHRON Prime template for playback-and only Tubular Bells shows in Live Stage. I opened expression maps, but do not see where/how to assign Live Stage to an instrument, Help, please?


Dear benwiggy,

Never mind. I found it!