A question about my set-up..

Hi all,

I am thinking of buying Cubase Elements 7 and WaveLab Elements 8 for my small home studio but have a question regarding my set-up which I am hoping someone here can answer for me.

AMD 2.5GHz Duel Core
2Gb DDR 1060MHz RAM
GeForce 8800 GTX+ GPU
1Tb Samsung HHD 64Mb Cache

However, for speed and backwards compatibility with some old software, I am using Win XP 32 sp3 for my O/S (runs at super fast speeds). The rig is also not on any network so has no Internet connection.

So my question is, will the desired software work on my system with regards to O/S and no Internet? I have just downloaded the trial versions of both but have yet to install them.

As you can see from the system requirements, your OS is not supported, and you need an internet connection to activate the progtamms, (unless you transfer the license to a USB eLicenser).
And obviously the best way to gind out if it worlks, is to install…

For the LE licenses you’d need a temporary internet connection to activate them, after that you can use them offline as long as you wish.
The only other option here is to buy a dongle from Steinberg which can hold your licenses. You can use any other PC with internet connection to activate the licenses and put them on the dongle. Then you can use the dongle to use Cubase and Wavelab on whichever PC you plug it in. This is the system that all higher Cubase and Wavelab versions use as well so should you upgrade you’ve already got the dongle. (I’m not sure if these upgrades come with a dongle, product page should tell you that.)

Thanks both for your speedy replies…

Even a temp Internet connection is out of the question and at present changing form XP is out of the question too. So I guess I will try out the trial version to see if they work. I currently have Reason 4, WaveLab 3 (an old second hand copy - hope this is allowed) and SoundForge 5 all working fantastically on the system. I believe through experience that XP is still the best OS for music production (Windows based that is) as 7 and 8 are too resource hungry and not fully laid out for music production. My Focusrite Sapphire Pro24 ASIO works like a dream on this rig and I really don’t wont to change. I used Cubase VST32 years ago and would like to go back to this kind of DAW again, but if it don’t like my system then I guess I will look elsewhere for another DAW.

I’ll try the install tomorrow and will let you all know how it went…

Without a temporary internet connection, it will not work…

There are plenty of people using current versions of Cubase on XP so that’s probably not a problem, it’s just that if it doesn’t work Steinberg won’t provide you with support.
Even the trials need a connection like Thinkingcap said so that’s not going to help you :frowning:.

Spend €10,- on a USB eLicenser and you’re free to use whatever steinberg software on your system you want.

Trail version of both software would not install, so I guess they don’t work on XP.

Shame I was looking forward to getting back into using Cubase again, but looks like I have to search for another DAW. Many thanks for your help gents…

What problem are you running into during installation?
As I said there are plenty of people using it so I would expect it could work for you too.