a question about NI evolve

i was wondering how i would go about setting up NI’s evolve with CE5. when i load up several instruments the signal only shoes up on one midi track even though i am using the multichannel version of kontact. also, how would i go about recording the actual sounds in multichannel mode? any help would be appreciated.


Do you use Instrument track, or VST Instrument virtual rack [F11] and MIDI tracks? All instrument tracks work with obě MIDI channel only. If you want to use multi-timbral, you have to use the second option - VST Instrument rack and MIDI tracks.

excuse my lack of knowledge, but how would i go about doing this?

Just hit the F11 shortcut, or go to the Device > VST Instrument. Insert your virtual instrument here (click to the field, and choose the isntrument). Cubase will ask you, if you want to create MIDI tracks. Confirm it – create. Cubase will make 1 MIDI track with MIDI output to this virtual instrument (there is one more virtual MIDI port for this). Than, you can create other MIDI track (Add > MIDI Track), and set Output to this virtual instrument. You can set MIDI channel to 2. Next MIDI track, etc.

I’m sorry for previous post. iPad made correction. The sentence should be: All instrument tracks work with one MIDI channel only.