A question about notation

When using a MIDI keyboard to record in real-time for notation purposes, there are often incorrect time signatures or unexpected brief rests. Apart from “playing more accurately,” are there other ways or relevant options that can be used to address this? For example, reducing sensitivity to beat during performance?

Yes, check in Preferences–Play to change the quantization settings.

You can also edit>requantize… selections if you don’t want to change your overall quantization settings.

One other thing is to calibrate for possible MIDI input latency

Thank you all for your assistance. However, even with the use of quantization, there are often errors in recognizing triplets in the recorded notation. It could be due to my improper settings.

This is the sheet music I recorded. The first measure is adjusted, and you can see that from the second measure onwards, the rhythm becomes chaotic.

I also have a question. For the triplet at the beginning of the third measure, I want to replace the first rest with an actual note. How can I do that?

Try requantizing using these settings
You can requantize as often as you want and change these setting for each. If you have no semiquavers in you piece, set the quantization unit to quaver. Experimentation is useful here.

What time signature are you in? The measure lengths are all over the place. How exactly are you going about correcting the rhythms?

I don’t think Dorico will change the time signature for music you input, so if you start recording in a 4/4 measure, it should stay that way until the next meter change, or indefinitely if there isn’t one.