A question about presets folder in C12 /13

I have noticed a big difference between C12 presets folder located in his preference folder and the C13 one. Those folders (C12) should been copied during the C13 installation. Now C13 works fine but I’m wondering what would happen if I had to uninstall C12.

Anyone having an idea about this?

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Did you quit Cubase 13?

No why? I’m fine with it and working everyday.


Cubase is storing most og its preferences during the quit process. So if you didn’t quit Cubase 13 never ever (yet), the preferences files were not written (yet).

I’m sorry I thought you meant if I uninstalled it with "quit C13"and yes I’m using it since it was released.


It seems the presets were moved to another folder in Cubase 13. I’m not with Cubase now, I can double-check this later.

Ok thank you anyway I’ve checked with a colleague and his folders are the same so that’s probably like it should be. (C13 sharing with 12?) Or moved to another folder as you guess.
My guess is: what if I uninstall C12? WIll it lose those preferences in case they were not moved?


It’s definitely not shared with Cubase 12.

However, if you uninstall Cubase 12, its preferences folder remains.

Ok then installing C13 on another new system which folder/s I should save to import? Sorry I don’t wanna look pedantic it’s just for a specific knowledge. :grin:


If you want to transfer your settings, use the Profile Manager, please.

I found the same when looking for my Project Logical Editor presets in C13… Where are they now located? Hmmm?

I have found them in
Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\User Presets\Project Logical Editor\Earlier Presets and User Presets
and in :
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 13\Presets\Project Logical Editor

Exporting from the profile manager with C12 the file is bigger than the one from C13.

I found the Earlier Presets folder as well… but not the User Presets (my own user presets from C11/12). The latter are not to be found. Hmmm?

I copied over my user presets from the C12 AppData Preset folder to the C13 one, but I have not yet tested if they show up as before in the Project Logical Editor… we’ll see

PS. Why do they move things like that without proper information? Strange

If they moved somewhere else stuff with the new release it’s fine till the program works as we would expect by preferences. My concern is about what will occur to my preferences if I had to install C13 on a brand new sistem copying the existing C13 preferences folder.
Martin suggested to use the Profile Manager but I’ve noticed that exporting the current profile on C13 it results smaller than the one exported by C12. Tried to create a new one on C13 with the same result. Hope Martin will give an idea about this. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately the new presets folder is not part of the Profile.

Luckily this new presets folder is easily reachable. So take this presets folder with you to the new computer.

Thank you Martin for your answer .Marked as solution.

Shall I copy my old user presets (from C11/12) to the new location for C13… or should I copy it to the C13 AppData folder (as in C11/12)?


If you have Cubase 12 installed with some custom presets and you install Cubase 13, it will transfer the old (C12) presets to the new system (and new folder) automatically for you.

While you have C12 installed when you install C13 is not a problem as C13 installation will provide. Different is if you’re installing C13 on a fresh new system and you want your old preferences back. At the moment the best solution in this case is to backup the C12 preferences and keep them in case of the need and export the file with the profile manager.
Keep in mind that some of the C13 preferences are stored in:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 13\Presets
%AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 13_64